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Will do do all kinds of pieces. TF, inflation, wg, macro, micro, just remember I WILL NOT do anything adult or show anything that is adult.

I am not doing comics for they just take so long and it's not fair for other commissioners

I will also not accept any commissions for Dragon tfs or Dragon like tfs. Like Charizard from Pokemon.

And I don't accept points for commissions

Completely Open!
Here's the newest edition on how my health isn't getting better.

Well since the last time I journaled about my health. I got to go to the pain specialist and they injected me with some steroids and had to take some more medication. As well as start to take physical therapy. Doesn't sound that bad. Right? Wrong.
First medicine wise. They gave me 2 different kinds to help. Well one of them, would dehydrate me a lot, gave me major headaches, and gave me insomnia. All the rare side effects that barley happen to people. OH! also it's medication that is known to help with depression. But they said it's mostly used as a muscle relaxant. Well one night after I took it with my other meds (which is just for pain) I literally heard something in the walls trying to get through. Almost like a beaver eating wood, it was soo loud. Tried sleeping in another room. And I heard it started coming through that wall. Almost like it was coming after me. Didn't sleep that much. After I stop taking that one that was giving me the bad effects, the sounds stopped. Yays, the house wasn't infested. But the meds together was making me hear stuff and everything. Oh boy.

Now for the must fun part, and the final straws.
I was told after my doc appointment that the physical therapy would call me to set up appointment. Which usually means that they first contact my workmen's comp and they get all paperwork for me to see someone. Well a couple days later I get a call from a therapy place and we set up an appointment a week later. Well when it came up and after we talk about my problems, they tell me that they were having problems with my workmen's people. And to call them the next day. I do and find out that not only did they not know that I had an appointment. But that the docts prescribed me the therapy. A week went by and they didn't even look at the papers my doc sent to them. What the hell.
Well they got it fixed and I started to go to the therapy. After another week. I find out that the therapy also prescribed me a tan's unit. It's a muscle electrical stimulant. Well, I find out that my workmen's people didn't know about that either. So pretty much 2 weeks, they didn't even look at what the doctors prescribed for me. It's like having someone with a broken leg, told to leave even though the doctor prescribed putting it in a cast. Well, I just found out today, that they still didn't send the tens unit to me yet. After 6 months of working with me, me filling out hundreds of documents. They didn't even have my right address to send it to me. They called my therapist to double check my address, almost a week later after they said they did send it. Literally what is going on.

By now, even my parents are asking what is going on here. They even took time to talk to the person who is handling my case. Well at the moment. So far it's been 4 people handling it. And I won't doubt I will get more. Well the person promised my parents they are personally handling my case, even giving them her personal home number to call if something comes up. Well something came up. I was told after a few weeks call and schedule another appointment with my doc about my back if it hasn't gotten better. Which it hasn't. WELLLLL when I called, the next available time would be in another month. ANOTHER MONTH! Another month of hurting, another month of pushing myself at work since I can't afford to miss any, another month of constantly taking pain pills just to get though the day, another month of hurting to breath. And honestly, I'm getting worse and worse. I'm not sure how much more I can handle it. I barely can get through a work day without feeling like fainting. So we called the workmen people and they told me that they can't do anything at all for me except for me to wait till the appointment. In other words, suck it up and wait. OH! And the personal phone number. It's actually her work number. So she lied to my parents.

That's when even my parents said that's it not right. They were pretty much telling me "that I should wait. The system will work out for me. I don't need a lawyer." And now they are fed up with it all themselves. Though hesitant, they told me that I should talk to a Lawyer and see what they think about it all. I just hope I finally get justice.


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A Different Type of TF Artist
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A TF artist that loves going outside of a box. Also known as the dino tf artist. I am a friendly shy dino hybrid that likes to make people laugh and help out when I can

I also appreciate any comments of any kind. Good, Bad, Silly, Suggestions, Critiques. Anything at all. ALL are welcomed!!!!!

Current Residence: Planet Earth
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Very TALL
MP3 player of choice: A smashed One
Shell of choice: I guess Koopa Shell
Skin of choice: Scales
Personal Quote: Well, everyone needs a little change. Even if it is to another species.

Due to new rules and regulations. With fair trails, courts now are transforming prisoners as punishment to fit their crimes. Now do think that tfing prisoners is fair punishment or not? 

16 deviants said Yes.
8 deviants said No

What I'm working on

This is going to be what I'm working on and show everyone my work list so people will know how close I am working on stuff.
Trade with :iconoboroten: - Finished waiting for his part
:iconartooinst: - Finally admitted he doesn't want to do it and Ripped Me Off
Trade with :iconshadedxscars: Waiting on Email
RGTf Giant piece - Outlined and now coloring 70%


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