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Will do do all kinds of pieces. TF, inflation, wg, macro, micro, just remember I WILL NOT do anything adult or show anything that is adult.

I am not doing comics for they just take so long and it's not fair for other commissioners

I will also not accept any commissions for Dragon tfs or Dragon like tfs. Like Charizard from Pokemon.

And I don't accept points for commissions

Completely Open!

What I'm working on

This is going to be what I'm working on and show everyone my work list so people will know how close I am working on stuff.
Trade with :iconoboroten: - Finished waiting for his part
:iconartooinst: - Finally admitted he doesn't want to do it and Ripped Me Off
Trade with :iconshadedxscars: Waiting on Email
Working on 2 projects
Project 1 Outlining
Project 2 Sketching and waiting on approval


Aug 4, 2015
3:52 am
Aug 3, 2015
9:57 pm
Aug 3, 2015
9:34 pm
Aug 3, 2015
4:29 pm
Aug 3, 2015
2:21 pm
Alright. Who's ready to hear about the newest crap that's been happening. I do apologize about writing this multiple times. And I know you guys probably don't want to hear about my drama. SO I do apologize and you can skip this if you want. I just really need to vent.
Well, Went to a Lawyer with my parents and talked for a bit. And told me I needed to send him a copy of my medical files. And he said that if I had any proof that I was starting to hurt before the new year. I'm pretty screwed. There was some new laws passed for work related injuries that is against people like me. Lucky for me. I was seeing a Chiropractor the previous year about my back. Since it was steadily getting worse and worse. And it helped a little. But my insurance decided to not pay for it since it was considered not technically needed or some lame excuse. Either way I got that info and sent it to him. He then told me to wait for him to look at the info and see what I should do. So we waited.
And waited
and waited
I have been going to a Physical Therapist. And they told me they rather see me walking with a cane, cause the way I was walking already was pretty bad and wasn't helping my back one bit. So I told my doctor. AND.....they replied a few days later saying that they don't want me to use one cause. And I quote "I'm too young to be using a cane" But I still used one and it's been helping me soo much because of it.
Last Tuesday was my doctors app. FINALLY after another month of waiting. Seriously, I've waited a month every single time to see the doc. So it's been a nightmare waiting, and having to work. Will talk about that later. And went to it. And all we did was talk. Nothing more. But she thinks that I am starting to develop Arthritis in my spine. Yays. Every job I've ever had, only wanted me to do all the heavy lifting. Pretty much the only reason why I got any job. And if she's right, well it means that I have no chance to get any job at all anymore. I would need to take an injection into my spine first. And if that doesn't work, she told me that she might have to go in and burn the nerves in my back. It's scaring me but she assured me it would help the back replace the damage nerves and should help. Still..... And that I'm supposed to be given some pain patches which needs to be filled at my pharmacy.

WELL I have to wait to schedule another appointment. Cause they need to go through the work comp people first. Which I haven't heard back from them. So I have to wait to schedule an app to see the doct again for the injection into my spine. Which I bet would take ANOTHER FREAKING MONTH of pain. At the same time, the pain patches I'm subscribed the by the docs I would have to pick up from the  pharmacist. WELL when I went to them to pick it up. The docs didn't put down the right amount. So I was told to come back the next day to pick them up. WELL, next day comes and there's a problem. Looks like Work comp needs to talk to the docs about the meds and I have to wait. And well, I found out today the meds are ready. 4 whole days. And it was as the end where I couldn't get to them. So I have to wait till tomorrow to get them. While I'm at work.

A week ago, I got a call from the lawyer's receptionist saying he was waiting for an update from me. My family was WTF and told them *nicely* that we were waiting on him to call for and update for info on what we have to do. And was told to wait and he'll look the info over and call us back. WELL...Today I got a big package from him and I knew it wasn't good. Inside of it was all the info I sent him and a letter saying, liturally what's in it,
"Dear Meta,
       Thank you for calling me regarding your potential workers compensation claim. you will recall that I informed you that I was not able to take your claim. I then referred you to an an attorney by the name of *a guy with his number*. I strongly urge that you contact that attorney immediately for assistance in this matter."

I knew it. They did exactly what everyone else was doing with me. Not really giving that much of a damn about how I've been hurting and everything. I know because my parents were there and can vouch. He did not inform us one bit that he wasn't take the case. Not ONCE! Or that he gave us that persons name at all to go to instead of him. He didn't really tell us anything but to wait for him to call us. And he didn't do that. You know that there's something wrong when even the lawyer is treating you like crap.

As for the pain. I am getting worse. Of course I get the main pain in my lower back. And it get's worse when I have to walk for more then 40 feet. And I feel pain under my lower front ribs. It feels like something is being inflated there. I've been having problem sleeping now. I wake up in pain every morning. I'm having more and more problems breathing from that area. It just won't go away. It's gotten to the point where while I'm working, or even trying to work out *cause I'm trying to lose all the weight I've gain* I feel like passing out, every single time. Also I feel soo damn tired. Like I would of before working a 12 heavy duty shift. I just feel soo damn tired.

So with everything. It's just been soo difficult with, just everything. I don't know how much longer I can take.
So here's my recent health update.
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